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Various Cuisines of Singapore

The cuisines of Singapore are a delight for everyone as they have the influence of
several ethnic groups namely Indian, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Western etc.
These influences from several ethnic groups have positively influenced the cuisines
of Singapore resulting to an amalgamation of the recipes eventually causing
globalization of food in Singapore. People with busy life schedule generally buy
foods from hawker stalls in Singapore which are priced competitively at reasonable
rates. Singapore being a former colony of British has its influence on its food
section belonging to western category. The British claims to invent various cuisines
during their stay in Singapore which after so many years have been incorporated
in their day to day food habits. You may also consider to take those reliable
express bus and Coach bus from Singapore to Malacca too.

Singaporeans are happy about the fact that in spite of being a developed country
with per capita income rates more than United States; they enjoy the luxury of
eating some of the best cuisines in the world at cheapest price available each day.
Though, it is often a matter of concern for many people eating junk food every
day. But, in Singapore, it seems people are least interested to speak on that
subject as they love what they eat daily at the hawker stalls which fill their
appetite to the fullest. Secondly, they say that the quality of the food available at
the hawker stalls is comparable to any 5 star hotel cuisines. The chefs at the
hawker stalls make sure that the food is filled with nutrients & nourishment as they
put veggies such as lettuce, carrots, cabbage, lemon juice etc while preparing the
food for their customers.

Moreover, the customers at each stall are loyal to their chefs. If people like the
food of one particular stall then they always flock to the same stall again & again
which creates a relationship between the chef & customers which promotes growth
of business & mouth to mouth publicity. Due to ethnic distinction between various
chefs at the hawker stalls, people get eat food from different continents with
different ratios of spices in each dish. It is often seen that Indian chefs try out
something different with Chinese noodles & wok while their Chinese counterparts
try something different with Indian spices & ingredients. Though, chefs of Malay or
Singaporean origin have maximum sales due to the people’s preference over
predominantly popular recipes like grilled fish, salted fish etc.

People of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Malay etc origins in Singapore have amazed
everyone with their culinary skills in preparing the perfectly cooked dish. The
dishes prepared by them have the potential to sensationalize the taste buds of any
food critic.

The hawker stalls at Singapore have emerged as a roaring success for everyone
with delectable dishes being prepared from all places in the world starting from
Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore
itself. For tourists, it is nothing less than a food paradise as they stop by these
stalls in Singapore & eat their cuisines as per their choice. Singapore along with its
strong economic foundation has emerged as a favorite food destination for